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GK Lokam.com - PSC Question Bank & Current Affairs

GK Lokam.com

GKLokam.com is one of the popular websites for the candidates who are appearing for PSC, SSC, Civil Serice etc. This site provides you with a wide range of Information from almost all fields.This website is dedicated to Kerala PSC.This website provides the candidates with PSC question bank and Current Affairs.

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The information on the website is divided into different sections as follows

  1. Kerala Renaissance
  2. Kerala History
  3. Kerala Rivers 
  4. Malayalam Literature 
  5. Award and Honours 
  6. General Science
  7. IT and Cyber Laws
  8. Indian Constitution
  9. Welfare Schemes

This website is broadly classified as

  1. Important GK
  2. Indian History
  3. Science
  4. Geography
  5. World
  6. Sports
  7. Current affairs
  8. Study Materials 

This website also provides Study Materials and MCQ questions.

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