Hacking Smartphone By Sending SMS

Hacking Smartphone By sms

Hacking Smartphone By Sending SMS

Nowadays Smartphones have become more and more common and we have started storing our important data on it for faster access and easy use . But hackers have turned to hacking smartphones . Now it has become very easy to hack smartphone by sending SMS to victims phone and can access any data from their device including SMS , Call history , Photos , Videos etc . And the most important part is that when you click ' Forgot Password ' in any site they will send you an OTP to your mobile . And it becomes not at all safe if hackers can get the SMS you receive . And by doing money transaction also many popular banks also use OTP to secure our transaction but after watching this video will not find it safe anymore . 

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Find whether your Smartphone is being Hacked

Is your phone getting heated quickly or is your battery draining too fast ? If Yes , you should be very careful because your phone is heating because your phone is sending data from your device without your knowledge . You could be a victim of Hackers

Stop Your Phone from Getting Hacked

If you face any of these issues and if you think your mobile is getting hacked then it is safe to factory reset your device . 

See the below video to find out how easy it is to hack a Smartphone .

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